Philosophy of Tuition

Can I Afford the Academy Experience?

Can I afford childcare? That's a good question and to answer that, yes. Anyone can afford childcare, but can they afford quality preschool care with the Academy experience? One may ask what is the difference? "Isn't it all babysitting, anyway?" Well, the answer to that is no. Childcare, more traditionally known as 'Daycare', the most basic form of care for children. You drop off your child or children and they play, eat, sing songs, and repeat then you pick them unscratched and same as you dropped them off. In a nutshell, normally a lower price range with a nice group of teachers, seems simple enough.

So what is preschool? Preschool as explained by Mommy Bloggers, the Harvard experience to childcare! ("Harvard experience to childcare, sounds fancy right?") So are these mommy bloggers right? Yes, and no; preschool is not Harvard, the terminologies, tuition rates, quality of teachers and star ratings are the major differences. Speaking of tuition why is the fees so "expensive"? Well, Preschool was created to help enhance the quality of early education, and development of children before entering an institutional school environment.


The real question is, what makes Reedy Fork Early Learning Academy different from others?

Reedy Fork ELA, combines the qualities of a traditional childcare with loving, responsive staff, and the preschool environment that provides self-awareness and academic enhancement. However, the real difference is fostered in the academy experience. The academy was built especially for the Reedy Fork Ranch Community. The purpose of the academy is to build young minds of children to mold future leaders.

During the planning, research and projection stage of building the Academy, we were able to identify households with children and household income that are able to afford quality education for their children. The academy was created to help develop a community of educated, self-aware children of society that will become like many of you in the community. For example; Reedy Fork Ranch has a broad spectrum of homeowners and residents that are entrepreneurs, businessmen/women, healthcare professionals and skilled laborers; who all have been taught by teachers! Which makes Reedy Fork Ranch the perfect candidate for a private preschool academy.

Still having doubts and questioning if you can afford preschool? Well here are some tips to help you cut the cost!

1) Take a Tax Break: The IRS offers tax breaks to working parents that pay for childcare. This is considered the Child and Dependent Care Credit, which reduces the taxable income for a household. Did you know you, 25-35% of cost may qualify for this tax break? Find out exactly how it works; be sure to consult with your Tax Advisor or Accountant for further information. IRS Child Care Credit

2) Open a Flexible-Spending Account: The flexible spending account works just like a Health FSA, the difference is the pre-tax dollars are set aside for childcare expenses. A maximum annual limit may apply, however these funds can be allocated for childcare on a pre-tax basis, which saves in the long run. Advise parents to consult with accountant, tax advisors and financial consultants. This may also be offered through your employer.

3) Company Discount: Reedy Fork Early Learning Academy is in the process of partnering with local corporations within the city of Greensboro to provide Employee discounts through local employers. Once contracts are complete, a list will be provided on website. Coming Spring 2016.

4) Multi-Children Discount: The more the merrier! Did you know Reedy Fork ELA; offers a 10% discount for families that have 2 or more children. The 10% discount applies to oldest child.


5) Company Sponsored Promotions: Each season Reedy Fork ELA offers a promotion on enrollment and tuition. Please visit website or our Facebook Page for promotional offers. Next promotional opportunity is scheduled for Spring 2016, a special offer will start March 2016 for Summer Camp. Summer camp specials are for school-age student's ages 5-12 years old.

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